450X : Mumbai payment and deliveries

Yes all docs and photograph submitted…thanks !

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I’ve paid in full through NEFT, but yet to receive a payment receipt for it. The Mumbai dealer has been a super letdown when it comes to communication.

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Looks like all the procedure is getting completed - insurance done , registration gettng done…hope to get the Ather450X soon…

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Oh, congratulations. I still have received no update from the dealer in spite of making a full payment. :smirk:

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They seem to be waiting for the HSRP vendor to deliver the plates. It’s taking unbelievably long, however, the EC staff is patiently answering all impatient customer queries :grin: I have been told that the plates are expected by EOD Hopeful for delivery tomorrow.


Update: I manually followed-up with the dealer (three back-to-back calls) and was essentially told, “Sir we asked you to send us documents by email which you did, but now RTO is not accepting soft copies so please send us hard copies of documents so that we can send them to RTO for processing.”

So 15th to 25th — 10 days they sat on my full payment, and only when I followed-up, I am told the registration process has not even begun.

This has been a terrible experience so far.


Sad that you had such an experience. I did send my documents earlier via courier services and things did work out for me and some other members too. You should try joining the Ather Mumbai WhatsApp group, quite a few active members and lot of knowledge exchange happens on there!


Having WhatsApp group is fine, in fact having quick conversations is best done in WhatsApp. But my request to you guys is to discuss on the Forum or atleast post something when there is a good/important information to share. It not only will help many people across different cities, it’ll also help Ather improve themselves. Everyone at Ather is watching the Forum closely. Communication has been the Achilles heel of Ather and with many cities and dealers added, it definitely needs time to stabilise. Posting experiences (good and bad) and learning will help everyone.


Yes Hemanth, absolutely agree to this. I was speaking more in relevance to his particular issue regarding the process, as it’s been different from Bengaluru or Chennai. But yes, we will share our experiences here on the forum, so everyone can have an idea of the process.


I’d have loved to be a part of that, truly. But I’ve not been using WhatsApp for over 4 years now and so while I did come to know about the group from @juzeeweb, I haven’t been able to join it. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

I do plan to visit the dealer in the first week of Jan to get a stock of the situation, since I’ve come across a few cases where people who’ve paid much later than me have had their RTO registrations done already.

@hemanth.anand Great point, appreciate that.

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Got my 450X Series 1 delivered yesterday. Kamal Motors guy said 30 deliveries done in Mumbai as of 2 Jan.

And yet I’m waiting even after making full payment on 12th Dec.

I made the full upfront payment to Kamal Motors (Reliable Motors) on 11 Dec. In my experience - the entire process had bottlenecks at two places:

  1. For the retailer (Kamal Motor) to initiate process with Ather - Ather’s system wasn’t able to generate OTP SMS to me for a week. I wasn’t only one that faces the issue, this took a week to resolve.
  2. Retailer figured out the insurance price is actually ₹117/- more. They took a few days to sort through out eventually They are asking customers to pay that when you go for delivery.
  3. RTO Mumbai (mine was MH03) took its few days to get invoice done, apply invoice OTP to registration, for registration to come through.

When I made upfront payment, I expected delivery to be ready by 24 Dec, it took a week extra.

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invite link for the group plz

I got delivery of Series 1 on the last day of the year and have been driving it for a week now…good build and great experience.

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Today I got the delivery of series 1 through hands of Tarun sir it’s great experience in mumbai thanks


I got mine yesterday and rode it all the way to Vasai ~60kms. Pretty fun so far, the only grouse - the mirrors dont adjust to show anything from behind.


Preshit…please let me know your progress, just booked the scooter last week without any intro just the newspaper advert. Thanks…Sonny

Any update on mumbai deliveries and gateways