450X : Mumbai payment and deliveries

I have pre ordered my 450x collectors edition, I want to know till when I would get my ather in Mumbai? And when would the payment gateway open for me in mumbai, being pre ordered in January


Ok, so on Saturday (7 Nov.) zoom webinar, it was mentioned Mumbai payment window will open on Monday (9 Nov.), and deliveries will start by 3rd week Nov. It was also mentioned that Hyderabad may get delayed, but not other cities like Pune, Ahmd & Mum.

But based on the last update on 9th Nov. by @abhishek.balaji it seems Mumbai has been delayed too. Why is there so much of miscommunication and no transparency between the company and it’s customers?

You rather tell the facts and then let the customers decide if they wish to continue or not with their pre-orders. Giving false promises and changing the stance within 2 days does not augur well for the company who is trying to build credibility and trust with their customers.

Hoping things will improve and request you to maintain total transparency and communicate the facts even at the risk of losing customers. If the product is good and if the customers have waited for 11 months, then 2-3 weeks is not a big deal, but they need to know the truth so they can plan things accordingly.


I’m so perplexed on what’s going on. I haven’t seen the scooter even once, there’s no clarity about when the store opens and when I’ll actually be able to do a proper test ride.

I don’t understand how any company can open a payment window before actually physically delivering the product in front of their customers’ eyes.

It’s becoming increasingly frustrating with time on account of the lack of clear information from the team.

The 450X is now on display at the Ather Experience Center in Bandra, Mumbai. However, the production 450X is not available for test rides as it is awaiting registration.

Just had a word with someone at the Ather Experience center in Mumbai. He says the 450X grey will be available in december, the series 1 (collector’s edition) will be available in end-december or mid-jan. He insisted i visit the centre to experience the product and understand the various finance/purchase options.

What i couldn’t understand was, can i book? A simple question to which i don’t know the answer yet. I simply want my Collector’s edition scooter to come as fast as possible, just show me the dotted line!

EDIT 1: Spent some time to go through various forum posts. Only now have I come to know that there’s a payment window concept and the ordering is an online experience. If only Ather would have sent an email about their ordering process.

Your title says you’ve prebooked the 450x and you’re also eligible for collector’s edition. When the payment window opens, you’ll surely get an email! What beats me is How did you pre-book without knowing these?

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We all Mumbaikars for Payment windowtenor


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Just a little while more…


Finally got a call that wait is over for Payment window. But yet to receive Payment Link or Account Details.

Anyone is more updated from Mumbai

Same. Got a call in the morning. Awaiting the payment link.

Quite literally waited almost a year for these moments. Joy ahoy!


Does anyone Completed Full Payment in Mumbai as suggested by Ather Mumbai Space People? If yes please share Experience

Hey @bvardhaman @tec.razy,

You won’t be getting a payment link in cities outside of Bangalore and Chennai, you can reach out to the retail partner to check the payment modes available and then make the payment.

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@abhishek.balaji there r many enthusiastic people like me who have been following Ather from day 1. I even flew to Delhi on my own to witness the 450x launch. We all from Mumbai are still eagerly waiting for the deliveries in Mumbai. Can u pls let us know as to why is Ather reluctant to give us prompt and factual updates on this? Even posting on Tweeter is futile as I have now concluded that a select few questions are only answered. Inspite of all these, I know many from Mumbai who have completed the payment process. Now atleast doesnt Ather feel like communicating to all of us and let us know the actual delivery time frame? It’s high time Ather now needs to be more friendly and reach out to people like me who have been backing and trusting Ather from day 1, until recently, even without knowing the actual product


I got an email from Ather telling me that the payment window for Mumbai was open, but realised that I should contact the Mumbai dealer for further process. Unlike Ather’s favorite locations Bangalore & Chennai, there won’t be an online process for Mumbai (first disappointment).

I called up the Mumbai number and spoke to someone who seemed rather clueless about some things and I could get a feeling that they weren’t expecting a call asking about payments and deliveries.

I am told that the deliveries will likely happen in the first week of January 2021, with stocks arriving a little before that. I’m positive that Ather will ensure that I complete one full year since pre-booking the 450X (Jan 2020) to actually getting a delivery of it (Jan 2021).

I enquired about on-road price in Mumbai, but the female on the line did not know the exact numbers and was told they’ll send me an email with the break-up. Still waiting for the email here, hasn’t arrived since yesterday.

I enquired about the EV policy for Maharashtra and if there were any road-tax and registration charges to be paid. From what I’ve read on a govt. paper, MH had waived off both but she told me that there is a small charge to be paid. I hope there is more clarification on that.

She was also going to send me an email with the Dealer’s account number to which payment has to be made, but that email hasn’t arrived yet either.

This has been my experience with Ather so far. :man_shrugging:t2:


I feel that’s the case for most series 1 customers. I have pre-booked the grey variant and to my experience the process has been smooth up until now (which I hope remains the same). The dealer contacted me on phone and even is active on whatsapp. They don’t take more than 5 mins to reply. According to me, they are first getting done with the grey variants and then will move onto the series 1. I have received the official mail from Ather and the dealer too which contains the total price breakup alongwith the bank details alongwith a proper invoice. I feel due to the high number of series 1 customers they have estimated the deliveries to begin from Jan 1st week. And grey variants will be done by Dec last week.


Hey @abhishek.balaji I have done payment at Ather EC back office of Mumbai… Few amount through Cash and re through Cheque. I have received printed A4 size Cash & Cheque Receipt Voucher from Reliable Automotive Private Limited. PS : Thrilled with Warp Mode today… :hushed::hushed::hushed: Ek Numberrr… Breaking bhai Jara aaraam se…

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I visited the Mumbai dealer and completed the formalities and paid the full amount in cheque. The money has also got debited but I dont see the website updated as payment done. When I asked the dealer contact she was unsure. I am yet to get the invoice and the delivery date confirmed as well… Is this the same with other Mumbai customers?

Yes… Currently we are getting Payment receipts only. We will get Full Payment Invoice and other details on mail. Ensure you have submitted Nominee Details, POI, POA documents with your Photographs and Form 20 for RTO and Insurance process.