450X : Hyderabad payment and deliveries

@abhishek.balaji As per the Saturday session, payment is going to start from today, by when can we expect the payment link to open for Hyderabad


The most ignored question on forum these days :joy:

This post says details will be shared in next few days but weeks passed and still nothing.

I won’t be suprised if they don’t open payment window today as said in the Touchdown event.

And I don’t think anybody is going to answer your question on forums. It is already ignored. Tagging won’t help too :persevere:


Hi All,

Is full payment window started for anyone ? pls confirm.


Still waiting for it, not sure if any one from Hyderabad has got the option open.


Nope still waiting

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Not yet. During saturday touchdown meeting they mentioned its gonna open today but still I am not seeing the option


@abhishek.balaji are chocolates offered during deliveries in new cities or is it exclusive for Bangalore and Chennai??? :yum:


Ather team doesnt follow proper timelines… How can they expect us to wait for 11months (one more month means 1year after booking]…Tarun and team need to understand does any customer will wait for any vehicle after booking for 1year… its all about commitment not about money.


Hey folks!

Some good news for those of you in Hyderabad, the road tax waiver has been implemented on-ground!


Those who are purchased few weeks ago for them any refund option…

Unfortunately not. It’s up to the Telangana Govt if they want to refund the taxes paid between the time of announcement and actual implementation. We haven’t heard anything on this front from them yet.

Have booked a 450X couple of days back. Since then, I am struggling to speak with someone at Ather to get further details on estimated delivery and other details. @ather-bubhandari support number isn’t working. It always says “We are closed today and asked me to contact a different number” Other number is taking me to some random person.

Folks who ordered from Hyderabad, how was your experience? How much time it took for you to receive the vehicle?

Hey did you try reaching out directly with the Hyderabad retail partners? +91 8431-919-999

As mentioned previously, I reached +91 8431-919-999 and the voice over repeatedly saying “We are closed right now. We will open tomorrow 10AM” since past 3 days. Through the same voice over they shared another number(+91 7676-811-777) for any emergency. It actually taking me to RSA.

Were you able to reach someone through +91 8431-919-999?

Hey @nagarajuepuri, as updated by team they’ve reached out to you, and hopefully answered your questions. Thanks for the feedback on not being able to reach the number, have passed that on to the team as well!

Thank you @abhishek.balaji and @ather-bubhandari team for quick response. Got a call and had a long conversation on all my queries. Got another call from showroom(although it is holiday today) to help me with any further details.

Super happy with both the interactions.

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