450X Collectors Edition - "Series 1"

Where are the details of the much hyped “Collectors edition”


They did send an email which states they will reveal the details soon

With the price of Ather 450x. It is the collector’s edition.


What do you expect from collector’s edition? A sticker or one year free subscription?

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I expect an upgrade for 20k :stuck_out_tongue:


Collector’s edition will be a package, AFAIK. A bundle with the scooter, maybe. Check the q&a in the launch video, where someone raised this question

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@abhishek.balaji Give us some official info about the Collectors Edition that was promised to all those who did booking using the invite codes…

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Well, I see only one scenario here with respect to collector’s edition. Which is, existing 450 owners will only be the collectors after such confusing and “ludicrous” pricing.

I’m very curious to know how @tarun and @Ather.Team will handle this mess they have created for themselves. Also, I wonder who suggested and approved the pricing model!


When we collect 450X from store it will become ‘collectors edition’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think that was a gimmick to increase pre-order numbers


Final and last collectors.if they keep on their current subscription pricing strategy.

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If so, then probably collector’s edition might include the free helmet and 1year free subscription.

It seems to be a package of stuff (and plans?) with the scooter. Something about the story of Ather. The scooter might also be having something, but I’m not very clear about it. Yesterday’s launch was about 450x and not the collector’s edition.

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That makes sense but, 1yr. Subscription only if we are paying monthly they have to consider a plan which manages all. Viz. In delhi i would like to use my airtel e-sim primary connection in my ather. Which means that all the data used would be billed to me and not ather, as a service povider i already paid ather the cost of scooter and service. And now i am paying my connectivity charges. Which makes ather totally free from any cost that would be incurred on ather.

Everything messed up by atherTeam. New plans and duration of payment to be specified when ather would be totally mine and not on lease and then please do not MARKET ON INFINITE BATTERY WARRANTY.

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From what I understand after talking to the people at Ather, the Collector’s edition will differ from the regular 450x, only in the design. So I’m assuming there would be some different graphics on the panels, to differentiate it from the regular 450x.

Earlier, I was worried that the Collector’s edition would become too common, since a lot of people have pre-ordered it ( I understand the pre-orders were around 27K). But after yesterday’s event, I’m no longer afraid of that happening :grin: .

Already cancelled my 450x and 450 orders… upset after yesterday’s launch

450 still is the best scooter.

I haven’t cancelled the 450. But I’ll cancel the 450X after knowing the complete details.

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Agree, looks like ather don’t know how to do business… anything can happen anytime…some how lost hope on ather…

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Ask all your questions and they will answer. I hope they will do it

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@Ather.Team @abhishek.balaji
And all the stake holder marketing team product team etc…
Can we atleast now have the details of the Collector’s Edition please. Any update anything…