450X 1st General Service : Experiences and Reviews

I wrote to Ather support. No concrete dates given, usual “we are sorry” reply. It is going to be 1 month in a few days, since I gave my vehicle for repair. Dealer submitted spare parts request on 1st November. Parts not yet received. Why so much delay for a part like stem and bearing? I posted on twitter… no response there too. How frustrated can we be when no one is listening.


@abhishek.balaji @tarun please listen @ajeesh.kumar and clarify the things

Thank you, @kanhaiyalohar900. No one has replied yet. I kind of regret having bought the scooter now. After-sales service matters!


Update: Apparently they have received the spare as of today. Now the vehicle needs a re-survey from the insurance company and then they will start the work. Today is the one month anniversary of giving the scooter for repair. Looks like Ather is not listening to genuine concerns. No calls or replies to my several distress emails. :-1:


@vkj123 Congratulations Vinod on achieving that landmark of 10k with your Ather. There much to learn from you. All the best…

Happy Warping


Thanks. I have completed 1 year as well with Ather and would proudly say 450X is a good vehicle, though there were some issues related to software. Any hardware issue raised was resolved with lightning speed and Happy note. i belive you are also having one such experience.


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First Service done were not updated in portal. Ticket raised in mail but not updated in portal till.

@abhishek.balaji Please help on this , Requesting you to avoid these kind gaps.


Same here tooo. My second service which was done around 10000kms is not uploaded on the portal…

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@abhishek.balaji Can you please clarify one doubt. Does Ather Energy open and operate Stores in some cities and opt for dealership is places they find difficult to setup Experience stores.

If yes then there could be a lapse on part of dealers on giving good service after sales.

But if the Company operated and 3rd party dealerships who sell Ather bikes , both dont give good service to Ather bike Owners, it is sad…

Ather 450X is a nice option for those who value innovation and style with performance. But with new options hitting the Market … People could look elsewhere… Many will switch to EV for savings


Yes. They do try to get dealer partners for cities. But when they are not able to finalise on one, they operate their own. Indiranagar EC, Chennai and Delhi Lajpat Nagar are directly operated by Ather.

Lapse can be by dealers as well as the company. Depends upon the person working.


The dealer needs to be held accountable and some sort of feedback from the bike owners should go to Ather directly.

If possible the Manager should be appointed by Ather Energy to maintain high standards. @abhishek.balaji

This will help maintain a goos position in the market and create trust for more to consider to buy Ather Bikes


Right. I had met some team members from Ather who had come to Indore for city feedback. More of speaking to the owners directly could be done. How about December owner’s meet next Sunday? :joy:


I dont know where i should be asking this hence here. Why do i feel like my new 450x is incling too much when on a stand and might fall off (Attaching Image). Is the 450x built this was that its more inclined than normal scooters sorry for the noob question. i just bought it hence the question.

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Yep! Leans quite a bit! Needs ample space to be parked :sob:

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It happens. I also felt the same way but you get used to it. Congratulations :partying_face: and welcome to the community!


Thanks a lot man! And yeah still cant get used to it, feels like now or within 10 mins its going to fall lol XD


This will be painful for me when I would try to park at my office 2 wheeler parking space. The security guard there often puts any bike parked in single stand to double stand, surely he would be searching for Ather’s double stand and eventually curse the bike for not having one :sob:


I still can’t get used to it, always feels like something is wrong with the stand and will fall any minute!


Guys did any of you get your first service done without subscription? If so can you please share me the details on what was done and the cost.