450 rebooted during ride

My 450 rebooted while I was riding. The motor was on and the vehicle was on the move as well. This happened when I switched on right turn indicator to switch to right side of the road as I need to take a right turn after a traffic signal ahead. I heard continuous and random indicator beeps and I was shocked on the dashboard to see the reboot progress indicator even while the vehicle was moving. I halted the scooter at the traffic junction and system rebooted normally and I did not switch off the motor as I feared it may not start again. I reached home safely though. Why did this happen? Is my 450 turning out slowly to be an unreliable machine?

Do not worry about this it happens to me also sometimes the ather logo will suddenly appear and after some time it will switch to sppedometer do not worry because it happens in 450x also idk y maybe just a bug but your riding condition will be the same u can disengage the motor and turn it on again only screen will not that’s it no need to worry

This is a known issue in both 450 and 450x both. In 450X the frequency of occurance is more compared to 450. Nothing to worry about vehicle.

A lot of customers have this fear that a dashboard restart means the vehicle will restart too. Maybe it would help if Ather posts a note (below the Ather logo that’s visible while dashboard restarts) that assures customers that the rest of the vehicle is still functioning normally.

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Thanks all…some sort of reassurance and confidence has built after reading the comments.