4 hours non stop ride in 450

It’s been 3 months that I own 450 .In simple words we are riding world’s latest technology in ev 2 wheeler segment .Thanks ather team for giving me a pride of this . Iam living in outskirts of Coimbatore . yesterday the weather here was so peasant so I decided for a smooth ride in my white beaty(450) towards Coimbatore via chengapalli Avinashi.It just stopped rain at 4pm yesterday so the air is very chill .The chill breeze makes me happy .I started my ride at 5.20 pm with 100 percentage SoC. I kept a eye on my speed . after few minutes suddenly a crazy idea started in my mind. The idea is "why can’t we try to achieve a maximum range during this ride " and I want to check how long can I sit in this beast without stopping .so I gradually accelerated and used regen braking whenever I need to brake I saw for every km in odo the battery percentage depleted 1 percent so I calculated my self the efficiency will be 24wh/km.I keep riding 1hours 30 minutes passed . Even after 1 hour 30 minutes no tired for me . The chill breeze and scenic nature keeps me entertained during whole ride.at end of 2 hours I did 52 kms and the battery percentage is around 53 .so I thought this is the correct time to turn back home 🏡.In my return journey as the elevation is getting decline i got better efficiency.As the road that iam riding is important highway in west tamilnadu all vehicles passed me very fastly iam the only guy who was riding like a snail . Even though I was riding like a snail those fast passers slowed down to see the beauty of my ather.It impressed all those who are travelling in that highway.after 3.2 hrs of nonstop ride I got some pain in my spine due to bad roads . But I keep riding after 97 kms roundtrip I reached nearby my home at 9.10 pm but the battery is still having 15 percentage so I decided to go for a short spin despite of my spine pain I started once again without getting in to my home .I went for 3 kms and the pain went horrible due to my bad village roads .so I turned back to my home on stopping my vehicle the range is 102.3 kms I rided and time consumed is 235 mins which is 4hrs approximately .These long duration nonstop ride is not only possible by premium cruisers like harley .it can even be achieved by scooters if we have passion on riding .But in open words 450 gives me a good company by giving me the most possible comfort given by it. It tackled all the bumps very smoothly .If it were other scooters like activa means surely i will feel tired after 2hrs .I my weight is 102kgs so I assumed my range will be more if I weighed around 70-80kgs .I took only a minute break to click some photos excluding that there is no other water or toilet break or tea break. In future’ iam planning to take it to higest point in tamilnadu dhottabetta once ather charging grid reaches Coimbatore.


102km!. Wow! That’s quite a record!.


Thanks anna

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Please note down this is during night time with head lamp on ride.

Unless you charge midway somehwere between Coimbatore and Ooty, I don’t think this is feasible even though it’s about 100km. Because of the elevation, please do prove me wrong . I wonder how ather will perform in a hill climb like that and I wonder if it’s possible to do the 36 Hairpin bend on the ather non stop. I’d love to see this!!! ( I Understand this might not be the route from coimbatore, but bangaloreans would know this route I suppose)

Hey Congratulation, Great achievement :love_you_gesture:t2: Welcome to the Century Club (Range) in a single charge along with riders @jmukeshnahar @ashishjha_101 @rajeshkav many more silent achievers are there like sleeper cells @abhishek.balaji would please tag them from the monthly ride statistics :innocent:


Hay that’s great…im also in cbe and booked 450x…is there any opportunity to see the ather in coimbatore