4.2.0 OTA Early users, start here

Hey folks!

Thanks for signing up for the Early Access Program for the 4.2.0 OTA update.

We’ll be rolling out the update soon to all those of you who signed up. Your Ather 450 will automatically download and install the update if it is parked and plugged-in. If not, ensure you install the update according tot he instructions here:

How to report issues:

If you encountered a bug while riding or using the dashboard, share the issue here in the format given below:

What were you doing when the bug occurred:

Steps to reproduce the issue (if possible):

Share your feedback!

The exciting part of the early access program is that you get to experience the upcoming update and share feedback. We take all feedback seriously, but it might be hard to share timelines for evaluating and implementing the feedback.


I just checked, did not get update yet

It will be rolled out tomorrow, 3 June.

Hey @OTA-early-access folks,

We’ll be rolling out the update shortly over the next few hours.

  1. Please ensure that your Ather 450 is parked in a location with decent network connectivity.
  2. Plug in your scooter and keep it connected. OTA updates will download automatically.
  3. Once the update is downloaded on your scooter, you’ll see the update indicator on the Ather app. At this point, you can go over to the scooter and follow the instructions on the dashboard to complete the installation.

For full instructions, check out this post:

What’s new in this update:

  • The much awaited dark mode. Dark mode reduces the strain on your eyes while riding at night. You can choose to enable this manually or set it to automatically switch between light/dark mode depending on the time of day
  • More responsive keyboard. You can now type in the destination for navigation without any lag or stuttering, leading to a much better experience with navigation
  • Resume where you left off - It is annoying to start with Eco mode when you shutdown/restart your scooter. With this update, the last used more is remembered by the scooter and it will default to the last ride mode you used.
  • Few bug fixes, including location being incorrect

Note: Please don’t share information about the update with users outside of this group. We request that you hold back till we make the announcement officially in a week or so. Once we announce, it’d be great if you could share your experience of being part of the early access program & the new features on the forum.

If you encounter any issues or have feedback on the new features, you can reply here.


Just checked now, im yet to receive update

Update: It’s been rolled out, kindly wait a few mins for the scooter to download the update.

Yes, we’re working on. Will update here once we roll out.

I haven’t got the update yet. I have two profiles. The one with software version4.1.4 is the current one.

I still see this. Not sure why not getting update

The new dark mode seems to have been implemented really well.

A small suggestion Could you also make the greeting page in dark mode. To be greeted by the new dark mode by a bright white light doesn’t seem very nice Also The keyboard does seem more responsive now. But correct me if I’m wrong, but did you decrease the size of the keyboard? I think it’s made the typing a little less accurate though And the keyboard does still feel like it’s got a bit of lag.


Bug # 1 : Display crashing and restarting once I zoom out in the maps screen. I have taken a video of it.

Kudos to the team for the Dark mode. It is lit :fire:.

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I have not received the update yet.

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Bug: Backspace key is not as responsive as other keys.

Steps to reproduce: Type out a location and try hitting the backspace key.

Idk if this is just me but though I could find a noticeable difference in responsiveness of the keyboard, the backspace key was not as responsive. I would the assume the backspace key is a part of the keyboard and all keys are supposed to be more responsive in the update.

Will update here if I do not experience this again.

P.S.: Thanks for dark mode!!!

@abhishek.balaji same here…i think we 2 missed out

Hey folks, it’s been deployed to all scooters, so it should be downloaded and installed on yours soon. We’ll be monitoring the deployment status and will ensure it’s been downloaded to all the scooters.

Thanks for reporting this!

Glad to hear you love dark mode! On the backspace key, do use it for a few days and let me know if the issue persists.

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I also haven’t received. Network problem.

Issue Found: Toggling between Light Mode, Dark Mode and Automatic Mode takes a little more time than expected.

What were you doing when the bug occurred: Was trying to find out how the new update works.

Steps to reproduce the issue (if possible): Press Light Mode, A second later press dark mode. One will see that it doesn’t change mode right away. It will be stuck on the same mode for couple of seconds.

PS: Maps are much more easier than earlier. It would be advisable if the speed of search could be increased a little more.

I haven’t received yet. There is no network issue.

Hey everyone,

BUG: What were you doing when the bug occurred: So I was just going through every page on the vehicle and the above information page was not on dark mode (IM NOT sure if this is a bug)

And also the map search Is better I feel previously when I search for a location on the map It used to show destinations that is totally out of the city and show very little suggestions

But now I believe that is fixed

And also there’s a suggestion: Regarding park assist

So when on reverse mode and we release the throttle and toggle to forward it works immediately But while doing the opposite while moving forward releasing the throttle and clicking on the toggle does not change it back to reverse unless the vehicle is completely on stop I don’t know if this is how it works but if works the same on both reverse and forward it would be really nice and easy and less confusing As when I suggest my family and friends to use the park assist they are hesitant and confused whether its working or not as they feel its something new for them and they don’t wana risk using that feature

Note: the video I have attached is just for reference that is not the way I use park assist