365 Days of the Ather Forum

Hi Everyone,

Today marks the first anniversary of the forum! We launched the forum exactly a year ago to a select set of people and from thereon to everyone in Bengaluru and later to a larger group. The growth of this forum has just been mindblowing!

Quality over quantity

We started the forum with the intent of having a genuine interaction platform for our owners, enthusiasts and us. And we are super happy with how it has shaped. The quality of interaction on the forum has been just phenomenal. Our community is one of the biggest things that we are proud of today and it goes without saying that it couldn’t have been possible without each one of you.

Unabashed feedback

If there’s one place where we are learning from on a daily basis, it’s from you. All the positive comments reaffirms some of our fundamental beliefs on product & brand building - attention to detail and delightful ownership experience. And the not-so-positive comments constantly reminds us and points us to micro-gaps that we need to fill in to reach the pinnacle of great ownership experience. If it wasn’t for this forum and your constant feedback, there is zero doubt that we would have taken months instead of weeks to learn and iterate rapidly.

It’s yours.

The forum isn’t truly yours unless it has an active and equal ownership with you :slight_smile: Starting today we are bringing on-board two more moderators. Not from our side but two Ather 450 owners. Introducing them, Mr. Rajesh Kav and Mr. Hemanth Anand.

It was a no-brainer. Both of them are one of the oldest owners, know about the product as much as we do or in some cases more than us (like hitting a 110 km range). More importantly, both of them are objective and have no qualms of bashing us in private and public :slight_smile:

@rajeshkav has been pushing us to get the FAQs page more than our managers do. So you should see that coming up soon. @hemanth.anand is an active BHPian and will be able to help with some best practices from there.

In the months ahead, we hope to bring on-board more moderators from the community.

Once again thank you from everyone at Team Ather for this kickass community!


Congratulations @rajeshkav and @hemanth.anand. You guys deserve it. Thanks for all your support.


Congrats @rajeshkav and @hemanth.anand!


:grinning: Ather is growing @ good phase

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Happy First Birthday Ather Forum! :birthday:

What an impressive journey it’s been so far. I hadn’t seen any other Indian Vehicle manufacturer who had interacted with their customers at such a personal level. Ather did it with their forum last year. No other company would probably make a customer as a moderator of their forum. But Ather has done it today.

I’m thankful that I’m part of this. More than anything else, I see this as an opportunity to learn. It’s just 1 year, but in that 1 year I’ve learnt so much…Be it about the product, or about their owners or the forum itself. I’ve made so many new friends. It’s just a happy coincidence that it’s friendship day today…and the moderator badge is like a friendship band.

However, the badge doesn’t make me any different. The discussion, the feedback, the banter and everything will continue the way it has been. I’m just another owner like the other 1000+ Athereans out there.

As Rudyard Kipling writes “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”; We are as good as each one of us. If Ather forum is a treasure of information today, each one of us is responsible for building up that treasure. Let’s keep contributing, let’s keep enriching the forum!

And yes, huge thanks to @Shreyas, @krishnan.warrier and the entire team at Ather for giving @rajeshkav and me this special opportunity.

Ok, I’m done with the vote of thanks… @Ather.Team when is the next OTA update coming? I want that dark mode


Congrats Ather.

@rajeshkav sir and Hemanth, You both deserve it


@rajeshkav @hemanth.anand Congrats to both of you :slight_smile:

This forum is the best learning tool for any Ather user.


Happy birthday and happy friendship day

congrats @rajeshkav and @hemanth.anand … :clap: :clap: :clap:


nice to see how community grew

some time ago, i use to refresh the page every hour to see if there are any posts!
as there are only 10 vehicles on the road and very little info available, there are very few posts

at times it use be a week for a post to pop-up

once I got vehicle i started posting :smiley:

later every one started getting their vehicles and now it is a strong community with crazy brains on-board

keep rocking…


Its different too see that there is community for automobile company… great idea to have one like this

Learnt a lot of things from this community… Get to meet lot of new people… :smiley:

This community has become Atheropedia with amount and quality of knowledge sharing thats happening here…

Excellent contributions… :clap: :clap: :clap:


Congrats @rajeshkav and @hemanth.anand … You both Deserve it … Your time invested has paid off!

Hats off to @ather_rajs.in and @Ather.Team … Only you guys can think in this direction! Way to go … Every time I think you guys raised the Bar, you come up with new things and raise the Bar again!!! Kudos to you guys …

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Congratulations @rajeshkav and @hemanth.anand and @Ather.Team.

This forum is truly a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom for everyone that’s built on the collective experience - more so from a few Bhishma Pitamaha’s.

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Yup time invested now will motivate them to invest more :slight_smile:

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@Ather.Team can we have a new name for our forum? It’s been a year already. Can we have a fancier name?

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Since the company is called Ather. Why not name the forum simply as Medium… Representative of the space time continuum fabric (its Ether or Aether but who’s counting). Also, why is it called Ather? Did i miss the story somewhere

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Ather scooters are named as 450 and 340. Since the forum is active 365 days, probably it can be called 365 :wink:

People who were in Chennai have heard that story from @tarun and @swapniljain and its a secret :shushing_face:

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Open offer of Starbucks if someone willing to share that story. PM me