3200 Kms of Ather

An Ather email prompted me to do a review. My quick review is as follows:

Overall a step jump from the 2 wheeler offerings in the market. Certainly a pioneering effort in building a premium e scooter. Setting new benchmarks on many counts, but like a good startup has many teething issues. Listed are a few:

The ride quality has been good. The first 500m is very moody - some days it feels great, others very sluggish. The next 4 -5 kilometres is usually great. Then the fan noise kicks in. Luckily for me, I don’t do long rides, so I don’t hear the fan too often.

The dashboard is quite moody. Some days it will turn on and others it will remain blank, wait for a few kilometres and then it will spring to life. I have got used to it. And now know how to ride without the dashboard on.

The key has been a repeat issue. I now have the third set of keys. Since the first two turned off mid rides on a couple of occasions. That was scary at times.

The drive belt has a life of its own during rains. I feel the bike is a different model when it rains. It sounds very different and often very sluggish. I am not comfortable riding it during rains.

Range anxiety is not an issue for me since the rides are short. But the overnight battery drain is quite substantial. 5km battery drain overnight is very common. So if I don’t’ use the scooter for 4 or 5 days, It might have dropped to 30-40% of charge. Quite unsettling.

The service team is responsive and helpful. So is the customer service team.