2021 - Growing up!

Thanks a lot for the transparency and acknowledging the pitfalls during the journey that definitely helped you launch the product successfully. I had a seamless booking and delivery experience with the Ather 450x (in under 14 days of booking).

The product and the services have a lot of scope for improvement but nothing can undermine the stunning product which you managed to deliver setting a high benchmark not only for the EV segment but the 2W segment as such!

Already with 8 ICE motorcycles & scooters in my garage with ranging displacements, getting the first EV 2W was a big step for me and, I strongly believe, the right one having ridden every other EV option in the market. Never had this kind of customer care experience even for motorcycles costing 10 times the price!

Kudos to you guys and wishing lots of success so that you could pass on further innovations & improvements to us users!

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I have Pre-booked a Series-1 and in the process of getting delivery soon, the reason i chose 450X is because there is nothing else close to it today, Ather has the Advantage of Monopoly and they are utilising this period to the best to profit from their investments because they cannot do it once competition catches up, It is business end of the day and it is necessary for them to make money out of their cash cow the 450X and its accessories in order to sustain in this Fickle Market and give us much Superior products in the future.

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Thanks for the mail. Shows the customer centric efforts of Ather, the transperancy in accepting setbacks ( which only indicate a resolve to overcome them🤞), the desire to excell. Wish you and the Team the very best for 2021.


Thank you!! Hope ATHER grows big and become e-sensation of the nation. Happy New Year <3

Really loved the experience … I wanted to give some more deep dive on this Ather 450 -

1.Side stand need a sensor

2.Fast charger required (Please understand i want to explore with the Ather ) I cannot go to shop and wait for 4 hours to charge which is out of Bangalore , it required lots of time

3.Indiranagar has a charging point of 3 nos, but most of the time they keep there test ride bikes in charging but still executive feels he is smart and answer! Why don’t you look at availability and come sir (Increase more grid or mark some colour where your own scooters get charged - this will help us to keep away from smart people )

Over all I loved and I still keep explaining to everyone who stops me and ask about Ather …have a great growth I wish you all the success to happen