175.2 KMs on a Single Charge and 1 KM + 2% SoC Left on my Gen 3 450x ⚑

Yeah bro ,I am sure You can get 140 KMs on It :white_check_mark::green_heart:


Hehehehe Bro , I also had a Thought but I know

I have Patience but Sport/Warp Mode I will have Power on my Finger Tip :sweat_smile:

So I lose Patience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still I consider doing it

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Man !! :sweat_smile: Control it :zap:


Yeah Brother ,This Year 2023 - You will see Many Posts from Me :white_check_mark::green_heart:

Without a Doubt :alien:

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Nice man I got 173km of range just 2km difference let me try to get 180 then


Yeah I already in the Calculation to Get 180+ KMs :white_check_mark:

Its 3 KMs Difference

I got 176.2 KMs

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how did u get such long range

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Wow… too much of patience man… good going


Continous Riding for 8 Hr 45 Mins

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Did for Achievement Purpose Bro , That why hold my Patience :smiling_face_with_tear:

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