139.4 kms, 7 hrs 51 mins non-stop single charge ride on my Ather 450

yes you will need connect pro subscription to remotely monitor charge percentage and battery levels of the scooter in app.

But ather should not put subscription for checking the charge on app but how can we find where is ather dit charger in public if we don’t have subscription on app, what if we need to find out where it is

Ather Grid app can be used to locate public charging points if you are not taking subscription.


Even a bicycle can give 15-20 km /hr range, why do you need a escooter for that. Some of the stories are strange in this forum.

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It’s called hypermiling

I can understand why you feel so :joy: but in this case @HarshaVardhan did it out of necessity. To be able to get a range almost double of what ather says you can, to be able to get the scooter serviced. It was a one time thing in his case. With regards to other people. It’s more of trying to understand the scooter more. People have ridden at constant speeds of anywhere between 20kpmh to 90kmph. They did it to get out of the range anxiety and build some trust with the scooter. But a few also do it to just get the highest range. Which is their choice and you might not like it but well 🤷 Just like Not everyone who buys a 2 Crore sports car take it to the track and that’s their choice I suppose.

A lot of the ather owners are previous EV owners, they’ve had low speed Electric scooters with much smaller batteries and limited to 25kmph but getting them 50-60km on a charge. And to have a 2.4kWh battery pack is a huge Jump and in an effort to explore the capabilities of the scooter, weird peculiar stories take origin :stuck_out_tongue:


I got this mail. Why my projected range of 134 kms is taken instead of actual 139.4 kms?