1,00,000 km in Gen 2 Ather 450X in 2yr 9 mo

@miljoraj96 is I believe the 2nd Ather owner in Kerala to cross 1,00,000 km in under 3 years (2 yr 9 months) , which is a great achievement and shows Ather is built to last.

Being a Gen 2 450X has it’s advantages with Active Cooling and a great belt.

@miljoraj96 , keep riding and keep warping.

Miljo’s Experience in Malayalam by Nadeem Latheef @nadeemlthf


Wow Bro :sweat_smile: My Wish to Reach 100k KMs in 3 Years Not Possible I think :pensive:

August 4th is my 3rd Anniversary with Ather

I think I reach like 95-96k KMs :yum::metal:


What about battery degradation after 1L km ?


Great to see someone driving so much and making the most of their Ather. I have so many questions which I think is covered in the video but unfortunately can’t understand it. Can anyone provide caption file for the video.


Very big achievement in small time frame. :zap:


What about battery and mileage


Hey Guys, I changed my Battery at 57.4 k KMs and Right now at


In the video he talks about battery giving promised range of 85km but when battery percentage is less than 5%, it gets to 0 fast, not covering the distance shown in dashboard. So using 95% he gets 85km.


Video Overview

  • Gen 2 450X. Crossed 1L Kms in 2 Yrs 9 Months. 3 Months warranty left.
  • Used for Swiggy Delivery. Now being used by father and brother.
  • Mostly charged using Fast Chargers
  • Belt broke at 42K Kms (free replacement) and at 82K Kms (paid). No problems with small belt.
  • Coneset replaced (under warranty)
  • Suspension oil leak around 1L Kms
  • Now when it is at less than 5% battery, it turns off. Earlier used to get 4 km range from last 5%. Happened 1 or 2 times. No problems when it has charge above 5%
  • Battery degradation is around 1.5%
  • Touch screen hanged. Got software update that fixed it.
  • Still getting around 85+ Km range at 95% charge for solo rider
  • Would like more fast chargers in the area
  • New Fast Chargers have improved in reliability compared to old ones
  • Service has improved. Earlier needed to book one month in advance.
  • Is now able to charge at Hero Vida grid
  • Had Service subscription. So many services were free. Rest were about 550Rs.
  • Used to change brake pads at 5K. Then started changing them himself.

He is pretty happy with the vehicle even now.


Thanks Srijit for giving summary of the video. What amazes as well as creates confusion is the fact that his battery degradation is only 1.5% after using 1 lakh km and while mostly using fast chargers.

Amazement because it proves reliability of battery pack to last this long with fast charging and minimal degradation.

Confusion because there are many video online claiming to have far poor battery degradation i.e. less than 70% in less than 3 years and that too before major milestone line like 1 lakh km.

We have example of above on youtube, ne of them is pradeep on wheels and second in our own forum i.e. chef.arun7 (Black Panther).

So mixed feelings as to which outcome to look out for.


Yeah Mine got fried at 57,420 KMs after using Lot of Fast Chargers :unamused:

I don’t trust Miljo’s Words tbh

Only Miljo and Ather knows the Truth :grin::metal:


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I also doubt the 1.5% degradation number outcome.

One thing to note is that above screenshot shows 24 km range at 45% battery in warp mode which after some simple math comes out to 53.3 Km on 100% charge in warp mode.

Now this is how much range he is getting after 1 lakh km on Odo and mostly fast charging as claimed by the owner.

Online it is showing that a brand new 450X gen 2 had Warp mode range of 60 km. So battery degradation (BD) is 11.16%.

Formula:- BD = [ (initial range - final range)/initial range x 100 ]

Now only 11.16% is a good number that too after 1 lakh km.

So now, new vs present range figures are,

Eco: 85------78.3

Ride: 75------68.3

Sport: 70------63.3

Warp: 60------53.3


Don’t go by warp mode range to determine vehicle range. Warp mode provides most range if used properly.

Similarly warp mode can take too much charge if driven aggressively.

Careful riding and single rider :

Steep roads, pillion

So I always use warp mode alone. Dashboard total only shows 50km since mine is gen 2 but would get 70 - 85km depending on the ride.

Also @miljoraj96 is a gen 2 rider : 50km in warp mode. So according to your calculation itself it is showing more than 50km in warp mode right.

Another thing is, not every user may face that steep battery degradation like @chef.arun7 who uses fast charging as well , it is probable, some may face it sooner, some later. That’s it.


Bro You cant decide Battery 's Range with just 10 KMs Ride

Ask him to use ECO and Ride for 80 KMs straight to know the Real Range of the Battery

  • Projected Range is not the Final Output of the Vehicle

Even My Battery when Fried it showed us 90-100 KMs Predicted Range

Who knows leave it :grinning: Shubham

As i said, Miljo and Ather knows the Truth. Even KG Eswaran donno what happened. So Talking between us is Useless


@miljoraj96 Congratulations Bro​:v::+1:

BTW we have one User in Alleppey who had also completed 100k KMs within 20-21 months. As he is common man who is not techy🤭 so no updation in forum or any social platform.

In first year he did 57k kms and got invited to recent ACDC 24. His name is Mr. Sudheer. I guess @chef.arun7 @acorreya all know him as they met him at event. Informed Nadeem to make a video of him as well.


Yes na,

But The real concern is Ather Battery 's won’t with stand that much Pushing na

My Grn 3, Bought on August 8th of 2022’s and Used Very Less like 35k KMs in 1 Year 11 Months

Now Battery Health dropped by 30%

We have Range Drop issue from 19k KMs :fearful:

How come I believe, Stock Battery hits 100k.

  • My Own Battery dead at 57.4k KMs
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Maybe he was just lucky. Also there is Shajin, another Mallu Ather 450X Gen 2 with more than 63K Kms in 2 years. I think he is from Kozhikode. I am unable to post the video link here. You can search for 63,500 Kms on Ather! Customer Review! on Youtube channel under the stars


Srijit, Its not the Topic here

Even my Gen 2 clocked 67k KMs in 2 Years

But The Topic is about the Quality of Battery after Some KMs

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I thought the topic was high mileage Athers and any issues faced. Not just quality of Battery