FAQs   Charging: Public & Ather Grid

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Can I charge my Ather at public charging points setup by Chennai Metro? 1 October 15, 2019
Any plans of getting Ather's public charging stations completely solar powered? 1 September 1, 2019
More FAQs: Charging - Public 4 September 6, 2019
Can there be charging points in public parking spaces and not just private ones like malls and tech parks? 1 September 6, 2019
Someone is charging their vehicle. I need an urgent charge. Can I remove the cable from their vehicle and plug to my 450? 1 September 1, 2019
Reliability, Health Check of Public Grid Point 2 August 27, 2019
Do I need to pay for parking charges at some Public Charging Point? 1 September 1, 2019
I do see a socket in Public Charging point? What is that for? 1 September 1, 2019