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When does my insurance policy start? 1 January 12, 2020
FAQ videos 1 January 9, 2020
User manuals for Dot and portable charger 1 December 11, 2019
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Can I limit the charging level through app to preserve the battery? 1 October 15, 2019
Chennai is very humid and has salt in the air, does the aluminum frames have any additional protective coating to prevent corrosion? 1 October 15, 2019
How much weight/load can the center part of the scooter withstand? 1 October 15, 2019
Can any of my family members avail service or RSA? 1 October 15, 2019
What happens if I move between cities? Will service be available? 1 October 15, 2019
Why do you have a serviceable area? How soon will this be increased? 1 October 15, 2019
Is it a problem if we don’t have covered parking? 1 October 15, 2019
Why can't I track my delivery better? Why is my delivery delayed? 1 October 15, 2019
How safe is the 450 against impacts at the bottom? Will it harm the battery? 1 October 15, 2019
Does the portable charger have auto cut-off and surge protection? 1 October 15, 2019
Can I charge my Ather at public charging points setup by Chennai Metro? 1 October 15, 2019
Can I change the color of the vehicle? Will it void the warranty? 1 October 15, 2019
Can I get usage details for regen? How does it work? 1 October 15, 2019
I have subscribed to Ather One. How do I get reimbursed for charging? Will I be paid monthly? 2 October 15, 2019
Is it safe to shutdown the vehicle on a daily basis? 1 October 15, 2019
Why does the 450 use a belt drive? 1 October 15, 2019
Can I get a center stand as an accessory? 1 October 15, 2019
Is there an integrated footrest/center stand on the 450? 1 October 15, 2019
Can I get details of the number of units consumed from charging? 1 October 15, 2019
Under which plans are Roadside Assistance included? 1 October 15, 2019
Can I use roadside assistance for a puncture? 1 October 14, 2019
What would be covered under RSA if I have an Ather One/Service plan? 1 October 14, 2019
How do I get a puncture fixed on my Ather 450? 1 October 3, 2019
I am an EV enthusiast. I live in different city where Ather is not serving currently. Can I still go ahead to place an order? 1 September 3, 2019
My Home runs on Solar PV system. Can I charge my 450 with that? if so, what is the DC voltage necessary? 1 September 16, 2019
How is earthing done? 1 September 2, 2019